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Vampire Weekend’s new tracks: “Harmony Hall” and “2021”

After a long five years, beloved indie band Vampire Weekend return with two new singles from their upcoming album, Father of the Bride. The band first teased the tracks on Twitter with a two-hour guitar loop of “Harmony Hall” before releasing them on Thursday, which was coincidentally their first tweet in five years as well.

Father of the Bride
album art via Stereogum

Harmony Hall” sees Vampire Weekend reaching back to their folk roots with a more stripped back, Rolling Stones-esque sound. Fans will notice the repeated line “I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die” is taken from “Finger Back,” off of their previous album.

As a single, “Harmony Hall” does everything it’s supposed to. It’s bright, superbly catchy, and at over five minutes long, substantial enough to tide listeners over until the album drops in the spring.

2021” is the sort-of b-side here, being more of an interlude track. It samples Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra and features subtle vocals by indie singer-songwriter, Jenny Lewis.

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