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“Tough Guy”

By Katherine Gillcrist

Can you feel this?

The way my heart is beating,

I can’t help but feast on the feeling.

Your sorrow grows, my love for you never slows, if only we could stop time from fleeting.

I treasure your crooked teeth,

And the scars on your skin,

I want to tell you everything I see,

But I don’t know where to begin.

Your back when it arches, muscles stretching while you yawn.

The way your eyes look in the sun, an auburn fiery, beautiful passion that tells me to run. I’ll hold you even when it burns, even when the day is done and there is nothing left to be won.

The weight on your shoulders can’t be held alone, I’m with you in your struggle, to show you how much you’ve overcome.

Is this what soulmates are? I couldn’t tell you if I tried, all I know is what I feel deep down inside.

I can wait for the smile to return, for the joyful laugh, and the endless stream of stories from your past. Because through it all, even when time seems to go to fast, I’ll always hold out a hand – showing you that I will always have your back.

I’m here and I’m yours,

Poem and artwork by Katherine Gillcrist


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