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Smallpools’ “So Social” EP track-by-track review

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New Jersey natives Smallpools, a indie-pop band consisting of Sean Scanlon, Michael Kamerman and Beau Kuther, released their new EP “So Social” earlier this month.

The extended play opens with “Social”, the band’s second single from this project. The band told goodmusicallday that the track is “fast, has a killer guitar riff, and tackles an issue I think we all sort of suffer from these days, FOMO”. They mention that “we always feel the need to be social” and that they hope that “human interaction doesn’t become obsolete”. Michael Kamerman, the band’s guitarist, mentioned to LadyGunn that “the song is really an anthem for anyone who is choosing to stay in on any given night and work on a skill, hone in a craft, study, etc”.

This one is definitely a song that you’ll find yourself singing and dancing along to thanks to its catchy beat.

They continue with “Stumblin’ Home”, a song that follows a similar popish sound to the first track, instead starting out slow and building up just to explode on the chorus with a vibe straight out of a bar movie scene. It talks about the aftermath of a night out and how they can’t stop thinking of their past lover. “I’m stumblin’, I’m stumblin’ home / And wondering how we got so lost” Scanlon sings on the chorus.

Smallpools also released an alternative version of this song with The Aces on August of this year.

“Downtown Fool Around” presents a new sound, showcasing a more rock-based track and the band’s ability to break away from their usual indie pop sound, giving them a rough, rebelious vibe.

“People Watching” opens almost peacefully but quickly builds up slightly before the lyrics hit your ears. They talk about passing on “designer drugs” opting to keepthings simple because all that matters is the person they’re with. The song fades out giving space for the next track to start.

The EP comes to an end with “Beggar”. It starts with just a second of static noise but without wasting any time for the lyrics to start. It’s faster than the last two songs and it features a more familiar sound to the band – feeling deeper, without turning completely pop.

You can stream “So Social” on Spotify here.                              


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