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Poem: “Outlet”

By Katherine Gillcrist


Everyone knows me, how could they not — I

feel like the outlet they plugged into and

suddenly forgot.

My title varies from nickname to

nickname, and I’m an experience each person

goes through and leaves.

I can cross my toes, I love how the

wind blows — by most importantly I’ll get

dragged through glass on my knees. 

I make friends fast, I lose them like

burning paper turns into ash. I don’t know

when this started happening, 

and I don’t know how to stop. I want

to make everyone happy —

I’ll break my back, Bending over

backwards to see one face light up.

I want to be happy, to live life

fulfilled, because I want my alone time —

but I feel like I’m being killed.

My spirit is gone, when you lose patience

and lash out — how could you have known it

would do me wrong.

But it’s ok, I’ll spend every last drop —

just to make you smile, or to have a bad

memory forgot

K. K. G


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