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Poem: “A Declaration”

Photo by Brigh Johnston
Photo by Brigh Johnston

I am a prelude, to the prequel

for a sequel

I simply wait for

but it’s not a practice game

it’s the real thing

and the hands will keep moving

whether I’m part of the experience

or lost in translation

God, I pray to speak volumes deeply engraved

paint a picture of the world

snap a photo everyday

I have the blood of a phoenix

the flames that are fed

a girl on fire

burning after I’m dead

but I don’t ever want to die

be alive when the ocean’s disappeared

pick up a conch shell and hear my name

made of salt and sand, a dull deep ache

making your body burn

Hotter than the sun

before it sets below the horizon of my life, I’ll write something in Arabic

I swear on it, I will, I’ll write my life in foreign languages

love isn’t always a curse

between what it is and what it isn’t

lively with tears of joy

I’ll etch my name in the pavement

concrete diamonds

and in the future I won’t know what all this means

but I know in this moment


Poetry and photo by Brigh Johnston


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