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New music: The Growlers release ‘Casual Acquaintances’

The Growlers made their debut on their new label, Beach Goth Records with an unannounced release last week. Casual Acquaintances is a gritty collection of demos and work-in-progress songs from the City Club sessions.

At first thought, this was underwhelming, but it was interesting to see the rough edges from the extremely polished City Club. The album ended up being a pretty solid release, carrying much of the same lo-fi, synth-driven elements as its predecessor, only significantly less glossy. “Problems III” was an instantly catchy gem, with a hint of pessimism that is so classically The Growlers. Meanwhile, songs like “Heaven in Hell” do feel like a bit of a throwback to the pre-Chinese Fountain era.

Ultimately, not a bad way to shake off some old ideas before moving onto the next.


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