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New music: JAWS, “Driving at Night” & upcoming album

Promotional photo for JAWS' "Driving at Night"
Image via Twitter

The Birmingham dream-pop trio JAWS announced their third full-length album, The Ceiling, which is set to be released in April of next year. To set the tone for the record, they dropped the single “Driving at Night” along with a music video directed by Morgan Tedd.

Take a riff that nods to “Ceremony” by New Order and immerse it in jangle-pop and you have the new JAWS single. The track is a notable shift from their previous, sugary, drenched-in-syrup, material. There’s a roughness about “Driving at Night,” namely with frontman Connor Schofield’s raspy vocal performance, that was only sparingly present on past albums. While their 2016 release, Simplicity, showed the band was adept to blending musical styles, it feels like the upcoming album may be even more of a progression.

There was always a hint of that ’90s grunge sound peaking through with JAWS and the new track seems to be embracing it while staying true to their classic, reverie-inducing dream-pop style. The lyrics echo with “Driving out to a place that you don’t know / It won’t ever be the same as home.” The song captures both the unmatchable high and euphoria of youth and the fleeting nature of those moments.

Watch the video for “Driving at Night” here:


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