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New music: indie rock trio, “boygenius,” and their debut EP

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Made up of respectable solo musicians Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, “boygenius” perfect the art of melancholic indie rock in their new EP. The EP is set to be released November 9 via Matador Records, but a few songs from it have already been floating around.

Wrapped in a tender folk melody and bittersweet nostalgia, “Me & My Dog” is a song that seems to reminisce on the good parts of a relationship – like losing sleep over makeout sessions – while moving on from the insecurity it caused.

“Bite the Hand” is a ballad about doomed romance, shrouded in self-depreciation that reminds me of a track from Daughter’s Not to Disappear. The chorus echoes, “I can’t love you how you want me to” as the moody guitars leave the listener in a trance.

“Stay Down” takes an even more vulnerable turn, as it recounts more painful events of what appears to be a violent relationship, with lyrics that hold a double meaning – “I wasn’t a fighter ’til somebody told me / I had better learn to lean into the punch / So I don’t hurt as bad when they leave.”

With their stripped-down sound and lyrical rawness, boygenius are the new indie-folk band of your dreams.

By Lera Pentelute via NPR

Listen to the songs from their EP here:


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