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New music: homemade shoegaze with Launder

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Los Angeles based artist, John Cudlip is the man behind the fuzzy, ’90s lo-fi sounds of Launder. Cudlip started working on music in his Echo Park home and released his first EP, Pink Cloud earlier this year, which features both Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV and vocals from French new-wave musician Soko.

With an EP produced by Jackson Phillips (Day Wave), one would expect it to be just as beautifully melancholic and infectious. The EP is filled with guitar pop songs that will make you want to drive down the freeway with your window open, naturally. Don’t try to listen too hard, just feel it.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite off the EP since it really feels like one cohesive piece, but “Keep You Close” is an experience. The hazy vocals of Cudlip and Soko are a perfect fit, as you lose yourself in a reverb daydream. “Fade” is Cudlip’s debut song — an effortless, jangly dream-pop ballad that is nearly impossible to not repeat, again and again.

I guess the best way to describe their sound is in the name Launder. You kind of just feel like you are spinning around in a washing machine, except it’s actually pretty cool.

Buy the EP here.

Photos from Launder’s show with DIIV at The Observatory:

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