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NAVVY debuts with “Subliminal”

Image via Clash

Electro-pop artist and Auckland native Phoebe Lee Jasper, better known as NAVVY, released her debut single, “Subliminal“.

The track premiered earlier on Clash Magazine where it was referred to as “a potent introduction” for Jasper — a singer-songwriter on the rise in the New Zeland music scene.

There’s a certain balance between the heartfelt lyrics and hints of joy in the rhythm that are present throughout the song, representing a recent break-up that Jasper went through.

Jasper told Clash Magazine that after the break up she “really found who I am without someone else. That has been amazing. I want that girl to make music, and I want people to see her.”

The idea of letting go of the bad emotions and the hurt that was experienced during the relationship are highly expressed, feeling intense but bearable on this synth-pop dream that is sure to set Jasper up as an artist to be on the look-out for.

You can listen to “Subliminal” below:


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