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Flipturn’s “Eleanor” review

Flipturn is an indie rock band based in Florida that’s conformed by Dillon Basse (lead vocals / guitar), Adrian Walker II (drums), Taylor Allen (synth), Madeline Jarman (bass) and Tristan Duncan (guitar) that formed in 2015.

From left to right: Madeline Jarman, Tristan Duncan, Dillon Basse, Taylor Allen and Adrian Walker II.
Photo by: Stefanie Keeler

Their latest single, “Eleanor” released on August 30th.

This track marks a shift in sound that the band has presented in past projects such as their latest EP, “Citrona“.

The song starts out slow but quickly begins to build up as Basse starts painting the image of who Eleanor is. Someone who wants more, to change their living but are too proud and terrified to put themselves out there in fear of not liking what they’ll find so they stay paralyzed in that life that they find boring and they aren’t satisfied with.

Filled with synths, guitars and ringing bells that stay present throughout the track, the sound culminates in the climax of the song, a mayor guitar presence that automatically speeds up the song.

As the song slows down and finishes, Basse tells Eleanor that she had the whole world at her door but she decided to stay looking at her kitchen floor (I swear to god you wanted more (…) the world was knocking at your door / and you just stood on your kitchen floor).

Eleanor” it’s a fun and catchy song that show’s a new facet of the band.
The sound contrasts with the bitterness of the lyrics that describe insecurity and not being able to break out of the routine, staying silent and not trying to change something that’s making us unhappy, even when we have the chance to do so.

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