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Cherry Glazerr: Stuffed & Ready

Stuffed & Ready album art
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Stuffed and Ready feels like a massive ’90s throwback with its angst and sludgy guitars. Just throw in a punch of Trompe le Monde era Pixies and purposeful, self-conscious lyrics. Their third studio album finds Cherry Glazerr trading their usual poppy, garage-rock sound for something a bit more “gloom and grunge.”

Cherry Glazerr
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Vocalist and guitarist, Clementine Creevy stated in an interview with Pitch Perfect PR what she feels sets this record apart from their previous one. “With Apocalipstick, I was an over-confident teenager trying to solve the world’s problems. With Stuffed & Ready, I’m a much more weary and perhaps cynical woman who believes you need to figure your own self out first.”

Cherry Glazerr
Image via Pitch Perfect PR

Stuffed & Ready feels raw and more visceral in a way that previous Cherry Glazerr albums didn’t. Opening track “Ohio” is an explosive song with a killer chorus, but it’s also a song about how painful loneliness is. This feeling of isolation reappears as a common theme on the album. “I don’t want people to know / how much time I spend alone,” echoes Creevy on “Self Explained.”

Lead single, “Juicy Socks” breaks away from the introspective theme for a minute, with a rather overt political message. It’s a song that Creevy has stated is in fact about Donald Trump. “I don’t want nobody hurt / But I made an exception with him,” she sings, in reference to the President.

“Juicy Socks” music video:

The closing track, “Distressor” is probably one of the most immersive moments on the album. “I just wanna drown in my own noise” is a powerful line, but with the heavy guitar hook, it does almost feel like you are drowning in noise (in the best way possible.)

Stuffed & Ready is quite hard-hitting in the sense that it so nakedly speaks about Creevy’s internal struggles. There is a gloominess about the record that, at times, feels a bit draining, but the album by no means wallows in it. It feels like a mature progression for the band with enough pop sensibility to keep things interesting.


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