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Charly Bliss’ “Heaven” is grunge meets pop perfection

Charly Bliss recently released the fuzzy new single, “Heaven,” their first song since their 2017 debut album, Guppy. The Brooklyn band brilliantly combines grungy, distorted guitars with dreamy vocals to produce a track that is instantly sticky. The highlight of the song is front-woman Eva Hendricks’ distinct voice, which is both sugary sweet and fierce at the same time.

“Heaven” is a simple, straightforward song about unmatchable glee. ““I’m up here / I’m so high / I feel everything / I feel nice.” Hendricks describes “heaven” in just a few words – a place where she is untouchable, she can’t win and can’t lose. “Heaven” emits a nirvana-like feeling that is passed on to its listeners. It’s 90s-tinged indie rock at its finest.

Photo by Matthew Shelter
Listen to “Heaven” below



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