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Bleached Meets: laye

The first thing that catches your eye when you see laye, a 23-year-old alt-pop singer based in Toronto, Canada, it’s her dark moody aesthetic which contrast with the soft tone of her voice and dreamy melodies that accompany it.

Her debut album lonesome came out earlier this year.

We had the opportunity to chat with laye:

How were you introduced to music? What it’s your earliest memory around it?

Car radios to school, most likely. I had family members that were musical as well so I was around it. One of my memories of earlier music was singing to Dido around the house with my mom.

How would you describe your sound?

As my keyboard player says; dark and twisted like black licorice.

‘lonesome’ cover art

You released your debut album lonesome earlier this year? How would you describe it to someone that hasn’t heard it yet?

Black licorice.

It took 4 years to finish lonesome, what did you find was the easiest part of the process? And the hardest?

There are many ups and downs. In general there are a lot of rewarding parts and some less so, so the hardest would be pushing through some of that, but that’s how you get good.

What is something that you learned when making it that you’ll keep in mind for future projects?

To go with my gut.

What’s your favorite track from lonesome? Why?

“more” is my most personal, “better” was the soundscape I was looking for, “lonely anthem” was the one I pushed for. They’re all special to me in different ways.

How’s your creative process? What inspires your music?

My creative process changes constantly, and gravitates a lot around my mood. I’m inspired by personal things and less personal things. As an artist you’re continuously inspired by your surroundings and experiences, you’re basically absorbing things that may come out years later in writing or the same day.

Who are some artists that inspire you?

Bon Iver, Lapsley and London Grammar.

Photo by Kadeem Ellis

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aim in my aesthetic is for it to reflect and represent who I am, the good and the bad.

What has been the thing that has surprised you the most from everything that you’ve experienced so far as an artist?

All the different elements of being an artist. I’ve always been more to myself so having to come out of my world in order to share my world has been a bit of a continuous surprise in the sense that there’s a lot of things you’re not thinking about that come up when your focus is the music.

How would you describe being in a studio? And on a stage?

They’re both two very different atmospheres to express yourself. The studio process can be really good or draining depending on how it goes. Sometimes I love it, other times stuff just isn’t clicking or you’re creating something that you realize isn’t for you. On stage, it’s something I continue growing to love, what I’m excited about is the day I’ll be able to have a full production behind me.

Who’s someone that you would want to work with?

Bon Iver, The Weeknd and Xavier Omar.

What can we expect from you next?

Keep your eyes out for a tour and more music.

You can follow laye on Instagram and Twitter.

Check out her latest music video for “sicker” below:


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