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Interview: Alternative Rock Band, Friends At The Falls

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Born in Mahopac, New York, Friends At The Falls it’s an Alternative Rock band formed by Jake Stam (singer), Matt Montgomery (drummer), Dan Walsh (bassist), Nick Gennusa (lead guitarist), and Don Senese (keyboardist). “The band first came about when Jake started writing original songs. With the help of Matt, and then Don, the group started to take shape. By the time of our first live show, we enlisted the help of Dan to play bass, who had no prior experience on the instrument and learned in order to join the band. The last member to join the lineup was Nick, who had been writing songs on his own for years” the band explains.

They have been actively making music together for the past 2 years, when they achieved their “full line up”. Their individual introduction to music happened in different ways but it’s a passion they all undoubtedly had when they sat down to work together. “We were each introduced to music in different ways. A few of us took music lessons, a few of us were self-taught, and everyone has had some level of interest since they were exposed to it as young kids.” the band remembers.

They describe their sound “as Alternative Rock with indie/pop elements” and explain that on their latest EP “Wild In Our Ways” it’s when they feel they started to develop their own sound. “Fans have described our songs as “nostalgic” and I think the reason for that is because a lot of what comes up in the music are experiences we’ve shared and have elements of the music we’ve listened to growing up.” the band describes.

From their own repertory, the band collectively agrees that “Streetlight Kids” is the song that they’re the proudest of. “It really nailed a sound that we were going for on this record, a good blend of organic and synthetic music. The acoustic guitar and live piano parts were particularly prominent for this song. We are really happy with how it all turned out, and strongly believe that this song has the potential to last.” the band illustrates.

Even though they personally vary in music taste, they have one artist they recall as their overall favorite — The Killers. They also gather inspiration from other artists like Coldplay, Walk The Moon, and Bruce Springsteen.

The band decided to start releasing music independently because they “needed to start somewhere”. They express that almost every artist has released music that way before getting attention from a label.

Bleached Mag: What’s the hardest part about being independent? And the best one?

Friends At The Falls: The hardest part about being independent is that the artist must take care of all self-funding and self-promoting, you cannot rely on a label for help. The best part of being independent is the creative freedom and full control over what we do as a group (ie. Touring, marketing, videos, etc.)

BM: Would you like to be signed to a record label? Why?

FATF: Yes, we would ultimately like to be signed to a record label. Labels provide an immense level of marketing and funding to the artist. Also, in most cases, they have a roster of other like-minded artists to link up with.

BM: What’s a typical recording day for Friends At The Falls?

FATF: Typically Jake or Nick will provide a recording of a track/idea they’ve created. They’ll bring it to practice and then all of us will hop on our instruments and build over their idea. Once we get a feel for the song we like to create a layout. Often times we’ll come up with multiple different bridges, verses, chorus’s etc and we’ll have to pick and choose which parts fit best. Once the layout is complete and we know our respective parts we will begin to track the instruments, and then Jake will take over during the mixing process.

BM: What advice would you give to someone who wants to release their own music?

FATF: Write good songs. This is the most important thing. As much as an artist pushes their music, connects with fans, and releases content, the artist will not go far without good songs. Another piece we would give is to treat the project as a business. The business side is just as important as the creative side, you can write the best song in the world, but if no one hears it then it’s worthless.

BM: I saw you guys have a podcast. How did that idea come about? Why did you choose that medium and not something else to connect with your listeners? How does it compliment you as a band?

FATF: Dan was the one who originally had the idea to start a podcast. In this day and age, it’s important to promote yourself and connect with fans in as many ways as possible. We felt that podcasts are a medium that has been relatively untouched by many artists. Personally speaking, there are many bands that we wish we could have heard talk to one another as they rose in popularity as a group.

Friends At The Falls expects 2019 to be their biggest year so far with projects to release new songs, music videos and have more tour dates. You can listen to them on Spotify here.



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