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Bleached Catches Up With: SADSUN

SADSUN, via The Prelude Press

In today’s interview, Bleached had the opportunity to catch up with Electro-Pop duo, SADSUN. If you recall, SADSUN is a collaboration between metal-rock musicians Aimy Miller and Simon Atkinson, who are currently based in the U.K. When we initially spoke to the duo, they had just debuted with their song “Control” a pop song that speaks on being overwhelmed with everyday life. Only two months later, the duo is back with another electro-pop track titled “Heads (or Tails)”. The track, spanning a little over 3 minutes talks continues the message started by Control, speaking about having to cope with the uncertainties of life.

In this interview, we briefly speak to the group about how life has changed since “Control” their newest single “Heads (or Tails)” and much more. Enjoy!

Hello SADSUN, it’s been about two months since your debut, how has everything been?

A: Things have been good, thanks! The debut went great, we received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback which really spurred us on for this new release. We’re just looking forward to getting the live show ready, along with the rest of our new material.

Our first interview documented the debut of SADSUN, with the release of “Control”. How has life changed for you guys since debuting (if it has)?

A: To be honest life hasn’t changed much at all. Although there’s a little bit more of a fire under our arses. Having worked on SADSUN behind closed doors for so many years, and then finally stepping into the public back in February with ‘Control’, there’s now a pressure to keep up and keep putting out content and keep putting out our music. In this day and age, a lot of people’s attention spans are very short when it comes to consuming media – so we’ve gotta keep up with the pace!

Today, we are here to speak about your newest single, a track called “Heads (Or Tails)” can you briefly explain what the song is about, what was the inspiration behind the lyrics?

A: It’s about being in a place where you never how you’re going to feel when you wake up. The ongoing gamble that life can play with your emotions that you have no say in. I wrote the lyrics at a time when I had been experiencing a lot of pain and distress that had taken over my life for the past 1-2 years. Every day was a guess; would I be alright today? Or would everything hurt to the point id just want it to be over?

In our first interview, Simon explained that music from the 80s-90s is extremely influential to the group’s sound. When you produce music, is it important for you to incorporate sounds reminiscent to music that came out of that time period?

A: It’s not really something we specifically aim to do – if it happens, it happens (and we love it). We’re in love with a lot of synth sounds, drum sounds, and production techniques from the 80’s so we tend to gravitate toward them naturally, but we don’t ever force them into a track for the sake of it. It’s always – and will always – be about serving the song.

I know that one of your goals for the year is to begin performing, have y’all gotten the opportunity yet? Are there any venues (or events) you hope to perform at in the future?

A: We’ve had some opportunities, but haven’t been able to take them up just yet unfortunately. We want our live show to be as good as we can make it so we’re hard at work on that at the moment. I think every U.K band aspires to play the usual big British festivals; Reading & Leeds, Glastonbury, BBC’s Big Weekend – so it’d be amazing to be able to be a part of those some day. We both always dreamed of playing Warped Tour across the U.S since we were young teenagers, so it’s heartbreaking to see that it’s not going to happen anymore, but we’d love to come across the pond to play something like SXSW one day. At the moment, we just want to play anywhere and everywhere! We’re not too picky at all.

After debuting, some artists feel pressured to live up to a certain standard, in creating “Heads (or Tails)” did you feel any pressure to create a song just as or more successful than “Controls”? As you create more music, is it harder for you to remain creative (inspired)? How do you usually overcome obstacles like writer’s block, etc.?

A: We didn’t really think about putting out a song ‘better’ than the one before – we really just wanted to put out another song that we felt was a good representation of the other side of our sound.

I definitely get writers block when it comes to lyrics. To get around it, I just have to keep attacking the song over periods of time, while dipping in and out of other songs in between to distract myself, or read a book! When it comes to writing music, I’m a little more fluent. The best way to get inspired is to listen to anything and everything! Open the computer and get writing as soon as you feel an idea hit you.

As an upcoming musical act, is there any advice you could give aspiring musicians about finding their sound?

A: Experiment! Play around with all kinds of different instruments and sounds and try not to overthink it. As soon as you put yourself in a box of thinking “THIS is what I want to sound exactly like.” then you’re going to struggle. Go in with an open mind and have fun with it. Everything takes time. Find the right people and you’ll find you can make something interesting together.

I know that one of your main goals was to continue releasing music for your supporters, and you are doing so with this new release. Is there anything you would like to say to them before we end this interview?

A: Thank you so much for listening, sharing and supporting our songs! We’ve got much more to come that we can’t wait to show you. And be sure to follow us on all of our socials to keep up to date with everything that’s happening with us!

If you would like to hear more music from SADSUN, be sure to check out their debut song “Control” and follow them on social media (Instagram, Twitter) to stay updated 🙂


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