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An interview with Symptom

Upcoming local Las Vegas band, Symptom has begun to create a ripple in the small, underground rock scene. The band consists of Jake Granados, Nico Borgia, Tyler White, and Alex Freeman who encompass a tight bond that is reflective in their music. The band is well underway to unconventional popularity. In this modest interview, Symptom provides insight to the mainstream in the media, musical advice, and misanthropes of their talent. They can be listened to on Soundcloud and followed on Instagram @symptomtheband.

In what way does your music differ from another band? 

We feel like we differ in our sound, at least from modern, chart-topping bands. But without getting too “anti-mainstream”, most rock music today is very polished and blemished. We make music that contains 100% unbridled passion. Imperfections and all. In short: the word “raw” comes to mind. 

With the need to not feel “anti-mainstream”, what exemplifies being mainstream, and what can determine the opposite of that in regards to music or culture generally? 

We think being “mainstream” means to stop pushing yourself and to appeal to the greater majority by way of sacrificing your beliefs and ideals. For money or for any other reason. Also, there is creative mainstream. Once you find a comfortable groove, you’re not you anymore and your work isn’t going to be the same. Everything you make will become parallels of each other and ultimately cease to evolve. 

What kind of atmosphere would you want your music to create? 

Our music means a lot to us. We all in the band know what it’s like to be alone and personally for me (Alex), it was when I discovered my biggest musical influences. We want to hear the atmosphere of our music as a comforting one, one they can relate to and for a short while not feel alone anymore. We hope our music does to others, what other’s music has done to us. 

In saying that, do you guys believe that there is a predominant comfort in music? Is this a bad thing? How does one evolve from this or can being uncomfortable become a facet?

We think there is a comfort in music today because the big artists are all making similar music that they know people will like and they may be too afraid to take risks. We think it’s a negative trait to have in music because no one will experiment or create a new sound. Musical elements won’t expand as long as they can. 

Most artists discuss their favorite song of theirs, but what is the song that you’ve created that you dislike the most and why? 

As for a LEAST favorite, On The Fence is what comes to mind. Not only the quality is bad (for now), but the structure of the song is something that could be greatly improved. 

How do outside influences tie into what you create as a collective? (What inspiration besides other artists do you have)?

We’re inspired by dirty pools, beat up shoes, and broken skateboards. 

Any advice for other bands or people reading this interview?

The music is the only thing that matters if you enjoy the music you create and you have fun with it, then everything else should come last. Don’t worry about your bands “look”. That’s bullshit. Focus on writing good music. Everything can be improved. Give an anecdote to the cynics of your music. If that’s how you feel, then that’s all, we have no hate towards you, just everyone has their own opinion and taste.

By Sarah Al-Shimary. Photographs by Francisco Reyes (@mikedth on Instagram) and Maya Tomasik (@tjjmaya on Instagram).


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