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AFTRHR release EP, “Closing In”

Former members of American alternative band There For Tomorrow, Maika Maile and Chris Kamrada release the debut EP “Closing In” for their latest project, AFTRHR. The duo is continuing the band under this new name after the group’s split in 2014.

The EP opens with a title track that sets the mood for the rest of the record, building slowly into a hazy dream and growing before suddenly exploding in the form of “All Night“. This song is fast-paced and catchy as it describes the overwhelming feeling of thoughts clouding one’s mind.

Drifting” follows a similar feeling to the previous song, but with a sound that feels familiar and electric. The next to last song, “Don’t Give A” slows down the vibe of the record slightly, showing an unapologetic feeling of “once this person realizes what they lost, everything will be in reverse.” (“And when you get back to Earth // Shit’ll be in reverse // I switched up like you switched up“).

Finally, Closing In ends with “Blooms“, the second single off the EP. The topic changes drastically on this one, relating to falling hard and fast for someone. It maintains a similar sound to the rest of the album, minus the electric feeling.

The EP, as a whole, showcases a mysterious feeling with futuristic tints making the bands marked aesthetic present throughout the whole project. The sound combines elements of electro-pop and the indie-rock sound that they are originally known for, making it familiar but unique enough to be representative of the band’s new era.


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