Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Charly Bliss’ “Heaven” is grunge meets pop perfection

Charly Bliss recently released the fuzzy new single, “Heaven,” their first song since their 2017 debut album, Guppy. The Brooklyn band brilliantly combines grungy, distorted guitars with dreamy vocals to produce a track that is instantly sticky. The highlight of the song is front-woman Eva Hendricks’ distinct voice, which is both sugary sweet and fierce at […]

Featured artist: Mitski & album review: “Be the Cowboy”

I discovered Mitski Miyawaki, who goes by the mononym, “Mitski,” on a curated Spotify playlist that popped up on my discover page. I had heard her name before because she went on tour with Lorde earlier this year. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her at the show I went to.) It’s a shame because this […]

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Fast fashion in the age of social media

I first discovered the disturbing truth behind cheap, trendy clothing a couple of years ago when I watched a Netflix documentary called The True...

On reclaiming the term “girl band”

The term "girl band" is one that evokes a feeling of resentment. It has often been rejected by women in music for being degrading,...

The ethics of supporting your favorite artists

*A follow-up to my post about Jesse Lacey of Brand New. As someone who has always felt emotionally attached to the bands and artists I...

Meat is murder: my journey to becoming vegan

"This beautiful creature must die This beautiful creature must die A death for no reason And death for no reason is MURDER" -The Smiths I was twelve years...

2017 in music: my top 5 albums

1. "Visions of a Life" by Wolf Alice From the first minute of "Heavenward," this album was captivating - an effortless compilation of punk, grunge,...

Jesse Lacey and the grief of moving on

In the wake of what seems to be endless cases of sexual abuse, the one that hurt the most was that of Brand New...

Wolf Alice at The Echo, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA  07-26-17

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